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About The Herborist®

Nature has a great deal to offer us, particularly where health is concerned. Fruit and vegetables are an example of this. Unfortunately the soil, and therefore our food, is no longer as rich in valuable nutrients as it used to be. Important vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and selenium can scarcely be found any more in food in sufficient quantities. So the body can certainly use a few extras to stay healthy and fit, but of course in as natural a form as possible. There is a difference between synthetic and natural vitamins and minerals.

Synthetic and natural vitamins and minerals

The chemical structure of both may look the same, but preference must be given to natural substances because they are entirely natural and, moreover, do not occur in isolation. An example: synthetic vitamin C is simply ascorbic acid, nothing more and nothing less. Natural vitamin C from the acerola cherry or from rose hips contains bioflavonoids, the whole vitamin C complex, as a result of which vitamin C can be absorbed by the body much more effectively.
For this reason Aquarius Age Company Belgium cvba produces a range of food supplements made from plants, herbs and sea products. The purpose of combining different plants in one complex is to bring these components together so that they have a synergistic effect, i.e. one substance makes the other more potent.

Life-expectancy is increasing all the time and with it also our wish to have an active life. Keeping healthy is becoming more and more important.

Health guide

This health guide provides all the information about the products of “The Herborist”. The main plant extracts are nebulisates from organic farming and/or are monitored for pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals. These are standard extracts with a ratio of at least 1/5 (concentrated); packaged in the form of powders, liquid extracts, alcoholic extracts, tablets and veggie capsules; free of yeast, gluten, sucrose, artificial preservatives, artificial colours, aromas and flavourings.

Packaging materials

All the packaging materials can be recycled. The food supplements from Aquarius Age Company Belgium cvba are registered with the FAVV/FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain), the Food Inspectorate department.

The Herborist® Team

The products of The Herborist® in this practical guide are food supplements and not medicinal products. They are an aid to good health.