100% natural

In order to bring the bounce back to your health and energy, Aquarius Age Company Belgium has introduced a unique range of dietary supplements onto the market under the brand name The Herborist®. They all have one thing in common: they are 100% natural, as they are based purely on plants, herbs and ingredients from the sea.

Although dietary supplements are not medicines, they help to support your health. Our formulas are rich in vitamins and minerals, which keep us fit and healthy and contain no synthetic fake molecules. We prefer to use natural substances, because after all they occur naturally and not in isolation.
For example, synthetic vitamin C is no more than chemically developed ascorbic acid. Natural vitamin C from the acerola cherry or from rosehips contains bioflavonoids – natural antioxidants – which helps the body to absorb vitamin C much faster. The Herborist® range guarantees absolutely no chemically produced or synthetic substances. Which is what makes our products different to many other dietary supplements on the market.