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Bupleurum Complex ®

Bupleurum Complex®


Hawthorn Berries, Bupleurum Root, Artichoke, Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Black Radish, Peppermint, Club Moss, Cape Aloe, Knotgrass, Poppy, Boldo, Royal Jelly and Apricot

Instructions for use

2 times 1 tablespoon in mineral water per day (after lunchtime and evening meals). Also at night on waking up. Shake before use.

Beneficial effects

Our diet today is no longer the same as that of our ancestors. Almost all foods are refined, processed with chemical substances, irradiated ... you name it. This is one of the main causes of digestive problems or less efficient internal cleansing, and all the resulting consequences.

Properties of Bupleurum Complex®
Bupleurum Complex® supports internal cleansing, not least thanks to the presence of the substance ‘silymarin’ which comes from milk thistle. However, this complex also stimulates the appetite, aids digestion and intestinal transit, can be used to counteract indigestion and ... helps to promote a good night’s sleep and proper emotional balance in the event of tension and strain.