400 Cups, 0,25g Measuring spoon, 100g Violet glass
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Organic Instant Basica Tea


Instant Basica Tea has strong basic properties, thanks to the presence of plant powders such as: Horsetail, Birch leaves, Bilberry leaves, Rosemary, Dandelion, Milk thistle, Wild thyme, Hawthorn leaves, Burdock root, Rooibos, Green tea and Mint, Viola Tricolor powder. 100 g of Instant Basica Tea contains a wide range of catechins (Catechins are active as antioxidants). The ingredients are free of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and meet all health requirements.

Instructions for use

Put 1 measuring spoon (provided in the package) of Instant Basic Tea in a teacup, pour in boiling water, stir and drink the warm tea within an hour. Drink one cup of tea up to three times a day, between meals.
Instant Basica Tea can be sweetened to taste with (preferably) honey or cane sugar. Honey acts as a catalyst in the transport of the active ingredients to the cell.
Instant Basica Tea can be used over longer periods. In case of discomfort, consult a doctor.
There is no objection to its consumption during pregnancy or while breast-feeding; in case of doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.
Organic Instant Basica Tea may be used in combination with medicinal products.

Beneficial effects

The body’s acid-base balance is very important for your general health. Too much temporary stress, an unhealthy diet, alcohol, smoking and coffee all affect the acid-base balance. Fruit and vegetables are base-forming foods, however our daily diet still contains a comparative excess of acid-forming products.
Negative influences on the acid-base balance:
• too much acid-forming foods (meat, cheese, alcohol, coffee, etc.)
• too much stress
• too many refined sugars
• too few base-forming foods such as fruit and vegetables
• too few minerals (whole-grain products, nuts, vegetables, etc.)
• too little movement
• too little fresh air
Instant Basica Tea stimulates acid excretion and ensures
• the maintenance of strong bones and for sensitive muscles
• the promotion of good intestinal functioning
• good vascular condition
• increase in the general resistance
• a good health in equilibrium
Instant Basica Tea is packaged in Violet glass, which offers the following advantages:
• prolongation of the shelf life
• maintenance and stimulation of the functioning
• better protection against the effects of light
• 100 % recyclable (green glass container)